Hélène Farrar, Artist and Art Educator
September 6, 2017
Brian Wood, Letterpress and Design
November 13, 2017

Kristin Mutchler, Natural Healer


The moment you meet Kristin Mutchler, you know you are among good people. When her young children pop around the corner to confidently greet you, it’s confirmed. Her kitchen smells like your favorite health food store and the sweet, slightly sour taste of her own batch of kombucha seals the deal. I want to be just like Kristin when I grow up.

We follow her upstairs to a converted in-law apartment where she’s pushed antique plates to the back of the cupboards and since filled them with any kind of plant based oil and butter you could ever imagine. She just can’t get enough and adds to her collection any time the need arises or she learns about a new ingredient to add to her salves and serums.

“I find these new oils and I just have to have them. I’m a little bit of an addict."

She laughs and adds, “that’s not all, there’s more!” and opens the lower cabinets and a drawer full of essential oil bottles, each of which she is familiar and uses for all their various healing properties. In fact, I’ve never listened to someone talk so passionately about the vitamin properties of locally sourced, organic, pasture raised, animal lard that she renders herself. Who knew it was so nourishing for the skin? I certainly didn’t, but now I’m sold!

Being in Kristin’s space and watching her make one of over 40 of her original Pickle's Potions was such a gift. She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. But the real magic happens at her booth at the Wayne, Maine farmer’s market where she spends time with each customer talking about their individual skin care needs and teaching them what she knows about natural remedies. She takes pride in finding a solution for people.

“It’s validating. I feel reassured in what I’m doing. Plus, I love it!”